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Create a link to your articles on CRO to use in your email signature, CV, performance review etc. Just put your staff number in the box below and the link that is created will list all the articles on CRO where you are listed as an author. The link is updated when new articles are added.

CRO - CSU Research Output is an electronic archive which stores and showcases the research publications of Charles Sturt University. CRO exists in an online, open-access environment, making it easy for researchers all over the world to find and access the University's published research output using search engines such as Google and the National Library's Trove.

What is in CRO?

CRO contains over 12,000 records including the full text of research articles, conference papers and other research outputs of CSU staff and students. Where the full text is unable to be included in CRO a bibliographic citation and abstract is provided. The CRO Policy outlines what can be submitted to CRO.

Before submitting publications to CRO please check whether they are there already. Click on the Advanced Search Tab and select particular fields such as author. Contact CRO administrators if you require assistance with this.

If you wish to change a record in CRO or identify which duplicated item for CRO administrators to remove, please use the Change Record Form.

CRO and HERDC (Higher Education Research Data Collection)

CRO is the source of data for the annual HERDC collection. CSU researchers are required to submit their research publications to CRO each year. This collection is used to determine research funding for universities.

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